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Property Location Description Sleeps Weekly Links
Apalachicola Cottage Apalachicola Cottage Downtown Apalachicola

The Apalachicola Cottage is available for Monthly Vacation Rentals in Spring & Summer. Located in the Historic South Side of Apalachicola close to parks, shopping, restaurants and fishing.

5 $1,500 month Availability
The Magnolia The Magnolia Downtown Apalachicola

Delightful 1500 square foot residence on the second floor of High Cotton.

4 $200/night, $1,200/week, $2,500/month Availability
THE PELICAN THE PELICAN Downtown Apalachicola

RIVERVIEW 2nd Story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath Luxury Condo.

6 $250/Night $1,500 Week $3,000 Mo Availability
The Swan The Swan Downtown Apalachicola / River View

Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath luxury residence overlooking the Apalachicola River. 

6 $250/night, $1,600/week, $2,600/Month Availability
Waterfront Suite #108 Waterfront Suite #108 River Front / Downtown Apalachicola

Waterfront living Condo Style.

6 $180-$190 nt, $1,085 Wk, $2,940/Mo. Availability
Waterfront Suite 303 Waterfront Suite 303 River Front / Downtown Apalachicola

Luxury Waterfront Condo with lovely river views just 3 blocks from Downtown Aplalachicola.

4 $165-$185 per night, $975 per week Availability
Yuletide Yuletide Downtown Apalachicola

A unique loft experience in the heart of historical downtown Apalachicola, FL.

4 $135 to $175/Night Availability